Mold Mitigation

Mold can cause serious damage to homes and businesses in Lexington, Cozad, and Gothenburg, NE. ServiceMaster of Mid Nebraska has extensive experience in helping mitigate mold and help restore the health of your home or business quickly and safely.

The most insidious thing about mold is how fast it propagates. Mold colonies can double and triple in size in as little as 24 hours in the right conditions. All mold needs to have is a little moisture and a place to grow. Unfortunately, it often does so unseen, causing serious damage before you even know it’s there.

In the case of disasters such as fire and flooding, mold moves in at a rapid pace. During the time between remediation and rebuilding, if mold is not caught and properly treated, you could be dealing with a second disaster, adding insult to injury in an already troubling time. Moving quickly and contacting a professional mold mitigation specialist, like ServiceMaster of Mid Nebraska, is crucial after any disaster that includes flooding or fire to minimize mold taking hold of a structure.

Besides damaging structures, mold presents a serious threat to human health. It is especially dangerous for the young and elderly, and can cause serious respiratory issues. In the case of serious mold hazards, buildings and homes may need to be evacuated while the mitigation is done to prevent illness. Our highly-trained staff not only know the best techniques for mold mitigation, but we also have the right tools for removal and any restoration you may need.

We are available 24/7 if you have concerns about mold in your home or your business.  We’ll arrive on site quickly to assess the damages and determine the appropriate strategy for your needs. All our mold mitigation plans are specially tailored to the situation, and we work with your insurance company to help reduce your stress. We’re here to help you if you are looking for expert mold mitigation in Dawson, Frontier, and Gosper Counties as well as greater central Nebraska.